Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Estate planning is essential for people of all ages – it presents a great opportunity to make decisions about many of the most important issues in life from a place of reflection and strength.

A robust, comprehensive estate plan, built around a will or a trust, also includes other important documents, such as a medical power of attorney, a durable financial power of attorney, and a living will.

Along with ensuring that your property and assets are distributed according to your wishes upon death, the series of documents that are created through the process of estate planning also protect you and your family if you were to become seriously injured or ill.

There are also legal strategies that can be incorporated into an estate plan, such as a revocable living trust or a joint tenancy agreement, so that your estate will be much less likely to go through probate.

I can conduct a thorough evaluation of your unique circumstances and preferences and advise you regarding a wide range of estate planning tools. We will then work together to design a complete estate plan that will provide you and your family with peace of mind for years to come.

Durable Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney

A durable medical power of attorney gives someone you trust the ability to make medical and personal decisions on your behalf if you cannot. A durable financial power of attorney empowers someone you trust to manage your finances and property if you are unable to do so.

These documents are two of the most important elements of a comprehensive estate plan. If you need help making decisions, and these two documents are not in place, the Court has the duty to adjudicate the matter. Such proceedings are expensive and public. They can result in disputes that can severely damage family harmony. In addition, you no longer have the ability to control who will represent you because the responsibility to decide who the most appropriate person is now lies with the Court.

Please allow me to walk you through your options, listen to your preferences, and help you design powers of attorney that maximize the protection you and your family deserve. Please don’t wait. Once you reach the point that you need powers of attorney, you probably no longer have the legal ability to create them.

Living Wills

End-of-life situations, due to advancing years, a long illness, or unexpected tragedy, are extremely hard. Such circumstances can be even more difficult when a living will is not in place.

A living will allows a person to express, in writing and in advance, his or her preferences regarding life-sustaining medical treatment in the event that the person is incapable of decision-making and is in a terminal condition or a persistent vegetative state.

You have a great deal of freedom and flexibility when crafting your living will. It reflects your values. It gives you control over your medical procedures and protects you if you cannot speak for yourself. It can also reduce tension and prevent arguments among loved ones during an upsetting and uncertain situation.

I can prepare a living will that will speak effectively for you if the need arises.