Navigating the Medicare & Medicaid Systems

An issue of great concern to many Elders and their families is the high cost of nursing home care. Many people are surprised to find out that Medicare does not pay for long-term nursing home placement.

Since Medicare cannot be depended upon when long-term nursing home care becomes a necessity, many Colorado families rely on Medicaid to secure quality, long-term placement in a nursing home for a loved one. Medicaid is often the best option for these services.

The guidelines that govern Medicaid planning and Medicaid eligibility are complicated. The process requires that the person needing long-term nursing home care meet numerous conditions in order to qualify for Medicaid. Many of these tests relate to assets and income.

Medicaid eligibility is further complicated by Medicaid’s look-back period, which will examine gifts given and transfers made by the applicant over the previous five years and may result in a period of Medicaid ineligibility.

I can help. Whether you and your family want to engage in Medicaid planning for the future or are dealing with a crisis situation and need to obtain Medicaid eligibility as soon as possible, options are available. These options can defend the financial well-being of the spouse and preserve your assets to the greatest extent possible within the Medicaid guidelines.

I will guide you and your family through the Medicaid planning and Medicaid application procedures and advocate for you directly with Medicaid representatives.