Peace of mind ...
create an estate plan that protects you and your family in the event of a sudden illness or accident

Protect your loved ones ...
get the legal help you need to seek a guardianship of an adult or to address elder financial abuse

Consider your legal options ...
regarding probate matters if you are a personal representative or an heir of an estate

Plan for the future ...
robust estate planning tools, including a variety of trusts, are available to establish a legacy for your family

 Get nursing home care ...
find out how an attorney can help you secure Medicaid eligibility for long-term care

Welcome to the Law Office of David Ahrens LLC

Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Probate

What is Elder Law?

It takes strength, courage, and resilience to become an Elder. Day by day, handshake by handshake, and embrace by embrace, an Elder builds a life and establishes a legacy. Everyone deserves to have their assets and quality of life protected and sustained to the greatest extent possible according to their wishes and values. These goals are at the heart of Elder law.

An Elder law attorney can help with a variety of complex legal issues that arise for many families that relate to probate and estate planning, adult guardianships and conservatorships, Elder financial abuse, and Medicaid planning and eligibility for long-term care.

The Law Office of David Ahrens, LLC provides experienced and compassionate legal representation with a client-centered and results-driven approach. Regardless of your Elder law, estate planning or probate issue, you will find a skilled, tenacious, and unwavering legal advocate at the Law Office of David Ahrens, LLC.

The Law Office of David Ahrens, LLC serves Elders and their families in Boulder County and across the Front Range and mountain communities of central and northern Colorado.


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What Clients Say

Thank you, David, for the excellent job you did with preparing our Wills and other documents! David took his time with us explaining the law and answering all of our questions. When we went in for our consultation, David showed he really cares about his clients and made sure we got the right information. He is very personable yet professional, efficient, and reliable. My husband and I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for an experienced elder law attorney who understands your needs and we will continue working with David on any future elder law issues. -- Diana C.

I would highly recommend David Ahrens as a champion of elder law and estate planning. I moved from Missouri to Colorado in 2007 and needed to have my trust updated and amended in accordance with Colorado law and to reflect my current situation as I move into my senior years. I wanted my family and loved ones to have clarity and clearly defined directions as to my wishes in case of an unexpected death or lingering illness. David’s warm, compassionate and caring personality actually made the process easy and fun. David loves personalizing every client’s plan to make sure it is in compliance with the law and easily read and understood. I so appreciate David’s honesty and legal advice. He loves helping and serving people allowing them to have peace of mind knowing their affairs are in order.  -- Sarah H.

I have consulted with David Ahrens on some elder law matters. He has been very helpful in explaining complicated matters in a way that they become easily understood. He has shown patience in talking to my parents, spending the time they needed to understand the things he was working on. The items he prepared and the matters he addressed were done quickly and accurately. David is upfront about his fees so you have no mystery about costs. He is a professional attorney who knows what he is doing and someone I will continue to use.  -- Dan S.

Ten thousand thank you's to David Ahrens and his law firm for the professional and excellent job he did in writing the papers for our will and estate planning. If you want an attorney and a law firm representing you that has impeccable integrity, compassion for clients, a passion for legal matters plus a thorough understanding of legal knowledge and expertise with precise attention to details and organization and all of this delivered in a sincere, friendly "down to earth" manner then we highly recommend David Ahrens and his law firm to represent and help you. You will not be disappointed!  -- Kathy S.

David helped a client of mine who needed assistance with a legal problem that needed immediate attention. He evaluated the situation and acted swiftly, professionally, and with amazing kindness and compassion. I was extremely impressed by David and have already referred him to other clients. -- Candy S.

David Ahrens and his law firm were very effective and helped me out a lot when I was going through a difficult work transition. He provided me with compassionate, friendly counsel and is very open to explaining legal issues in a way that is understandable to those of us that are not in the legal field. I highly recommend David Ahrens and his law firm and will absolutely seek his counsel and representation with any future legal matters.  -- Nick A.

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